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 Scream your Name

Genre: Post-Hardcore
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Time to admit! Each and every one of us has a very distinct idea of how Swiss people ought to be, right? But please, forget about the bloody clichés for a second! Scream Your Name may come from Switzerland but don't believe to any conceptions about how they should behave. They turn out to be loud, wild and brimful with emotions – „and if any of the countless clichés might apply to us it is that we are extremely dilligent and disciplined“, drummer Miguel Mller emphasizes. Well, the Swiss can be different after all. And on their second record, they prove how different this is going to be. „Face To Face“ has become a remarkable work oscillating between Metalcore, Rock, Alternative and the cunning use of electronic influences. The massive sound has once again been crafted by the band alone. A wise choice, as it turns out. This album displays a young band on their way to the top – showing along the way how the stagnating Metalcore universe can be infused with some fresh impulses. Hardened by tours all across Europe, the participation in the Wans Varped Tour or a gig in Los Angeles, they can already look back on a successful Greenfield Festival appearance and a concert trek through Indonesia! Hard work like this pays off, eventually. „We take everything band related extremely serious“, Miguel nods. „We are a unit. What we do, we do properly. With ambition and discipline.“ That's why Scream Your Name are on the verge of becoming one of the few Swiss post-hardcore-bands to kick off internationally. No wonder the message behind the album is of the uplifting sort: „Be true to yourself, don't back down and fight for your ideals.“ This is what turned the band into this indestructible unit – and this is what will urge them forward. Swiss precision, it seems, is no cliché after all. Text von SYN aus offizieller Homepage.

Heimatstadt: Bern
Offizielle Homepage:
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