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Genre: Melodic Death Metal

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For the musicians who gather at the foot of the eternal Swiss mountains, the middle of the year 2012 didn’t give birth to a single band but to two bands that were working in a strange but noxious symbiotic alliance.
When a composition wore more the attires closer to some bands like ANATHEMA (and their whole period in the second half of the 90’), MY DYING BRIDE, the finish band DISGRACE (for their period in the first half of the 90’), the mighty PARADISE LOST, TYPE O NEGATIVE, ULVER, SOILWORK, DEMONICAL or had some lyrical contents whose was deeply metaphorical, occult, filled with miasmas or intensely melancholic, this song will be put on the altar dedicated to XAON.

It was during the very beginning of the year 2015 that the two composers, the two souls behind XAON set free their band and give to it a powerful and sacred freedom!

This duet composed by Vinc (EVER SINCE, VINC PROJECT) and Flo (EVER SINCE, CALCINED, ERZEBETH DANE), just took six months to reach the end of the composition and the arrangements of nine tracks. Tracks that will compose the album’s sap: Face of Balaam (the release will be done during the twilight of the year 2015).
Hoping to take advantage of the quickness of composition and complicity that allows the duet’s formation, XAON will stay like this and will record and play live with session musicians in addition to Vinc behind the rhythmic and soloist guitar, Flo for the bass-guitar and the backing vocals and the lead vocals will be mastered by the powerful Franco-American singer Rob Carson.

Giving up is not a viable and agreeable option!
Text by Xaon aus offizieller Facebook Seite.

Heimatstadt: Lausanne
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