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All Life Ends

Genre: Death Metal
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ALL LIFE ENDS is a Death Metal Band from Switzerland, formed in 2006. 
The music of ALL LIFE ENDS has the intensity and aggression of Death-Metal, but also incorporates a blend of sharp melodies, rhythmic structures, brutal riffs and blasting drums. Connecting the experiences of each band member has formed a strong, collaborative death-metal machine that is teeming with creativity and power. The band shows a constant drive to further develop their lyrical and musical skills. 
The Band has recorded 2 self-financed EP’s in the Cultrock Studios (Switzerland). The first mini-album is called “Of Sulphur And Suicide“ from 2009 with 6 tracks of modern Death-Metal. „Lightbringer“ was recorderd in early 2012 and involves 3 mind-blasting songs of raw but melodic brutality.
ALL LIFE ENDS played with Bands such as Sodom, Enslaved, Impaled Nazarene, Thulcandra, Belphegor, Debauchery, Requiem, Sybreed and many more, in- and outside of Switzerland. 

Synopsis : Five ugly Bastards decided to make some brutal noise... that's all.
Text by ALL LIFE ENDS aus offizieller Facebook Seite.

Heimatstadt: St. Gallen
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